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Lakers wins road game, NBA Finals is now 2-1 favoring LA

Derek Fisher might not be the man with the most points in a Lakers game, but he is certainly a motivational force that allows a team like Los Angeles to be resilient in core games, such as yesterday night, when they visited the TD Garden to measure forces against Boston, in a match which the Celtics began dominating as they got ahead by as much as seventeen points, but Fisher’s vocal leadership was all the Lakers needed to come up with a valuable 91-84 win that has team ahead in the series 2-1 with the fourth game of the series coming on Thursday night.

On the game, Kobe Bryant finished with 29 points and Derek Fisher contributed 16, with eleven of those coming in the final period, and Pau Gasol didn’t disappointed with thirteen points and ten rebounds (same as Andrew Bynum, who scored 9 points).

For the Celtics, Kevin Garnett scored more points (25) than the two first games combined, while Paul Pierce ended up with 15 and Rajon Rondo came up with 11. Ray Allen, who was on fire on game 2, managed to score only a low 2 points, which is quite disappointing, since his help was certainly needed against a Lakers team that didn’t care to be bombed with a “Beat LA” chanting.

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Fisher was certainly essentials yesterday against the Celtics, as even though he is 34, he is still a man that comes up with outstanding performances when his team needs him the most, especially in post season games such as last year, when his contribution in the Finals against the Magic was indispensable for the Lakers’ acquisition of their 15th title, only 2nd to Boston, whom currently have seventeen NBA championships.

Fisher mentioned that he is a player that is always there for the team, but that he recognizes the importance of being playing the finals, as he knows that to be at such a stage of a season doesn’t come often, and when your team is actually there and your coach gives you the chance of playing, then you got to prove that you are capable to come up with big games, and that is precisely what he has done for a few years now, which is why a knowledgeable coach such as Phil Jackson trust the veteran player to lead the team in key games such as yesterday’s.

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