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Lakers receive Celtics at Staples Center for game one

The two most successful franchises in the NBA are going to meet tonight to play the finals, and Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce, the icons of their respective team, knows that big things are expected from them, which is why they are ready to meet face to face at Staples Center for game one of a series that is probably going to be one of the most outstanding ones in this year’s playoffs as both of these franchises has been quite solid and have come up with huge performances.

The combined efforts of these two teams is so impressive that when it comes to numbers, they have won a total of 33 titles out of the 64 which have been disputed in history, and a race for number 34 starts tonight, with a Celtics team that seems rejuvenated thanks to outstanding performances from the Big Three and a fourth one in Rajon Rondo, who will be an essential piece in the puzzle Boston is putting together to play against a franchise such as Los Angeles, which has been the most consisted one throughout the regular and the postseason.

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Celtics and Lakers are the biggest rivals in the league, but before their matchup of 2008, they hadn’t meet at the finals for quite a long time due to the dominance of other teams such as Michael Jordan’s Bulls, who went on to have their own rivalry against Los Angeles, but when Boston’s management team decided to get two top players to perform along with Paul Pierce (who had been the most dominant man for the Celtics) in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen (both whom felt attracted to the idea of winning their first championship ever), this franchise became a powerhouse that went on win a title the first year on which these 3 superstars played together.

They slowed their engines during the 08-09 season due to KG’s injuries, but that is clearly a thing of the past, as they even took down the LeBron James and the Cavaliers and obtained the 2010 Eastern Conference title, an achievement which seemed impossible at the beginning of the playoffs due to Boston’s poor efficiency during the regular season.

The Lakers are clearly the favorites, but don’t underestimate the Celtics, as they have what it takes to hang their 18th banner at TD Garden.

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