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Lakers must win tonight or Celtics will become champions

The most important game of the season for the Lakers will take place tonight at Staples Center as they are playing game 6 of their series against the Celtics, which is 3-2 favoring Boston, and if they lose, they will be eliminated and an 18th banner will be hanged at the roof of TD Garden.

The Lakers are actually 9-1 playing at home during the playoffs, but that single defeat came in the hands of the Celtics, whom will be trying to make that 9-2 in order to allow their fans to enjoy of a brand new championship in less than 3 years.

It is true that the Lakers hadn’t trailed in their previous postseason series, but the one against Boston has ended up being a completely different thing, with Los Angeles losing two straight games at the Garden and being now on the brink of elimination. That is why Phil Jackson is so worried, as he does not want to lose his streak of 47 straight series wins at the playoffs after winning game one.

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Los Angeles is aware of one thing: they cannot play as bad as they did in game five, where Kobe Bryant scored 38 of the total of 86 points from the Lakers, which means that his teammates scored a combined 48, ten short of Bryant’s total. These numbers are not good at all, as this meant the lowest-scoring game for Kobe’s team in the current playoffs.

Doc Rivers said that he feels relaxed about their upcoming game, as even though the Lakers are the ones with the home advantage, the Celtics have been phenomenal on the road all season long, but he didn’t minimized the potential from Los Angeles as he mentioned that he knows the Lakers are going to come up with all they have in order to stay alive, which is why he has been mentally enforcing his players so they can remain alert and cold minded.

The Celtics learned how to beat these Lakers back in 2008, when they put their efforts in defending mainly against Bryant and shutting down the rest of his teammates. It worked at that time, and it seems like it is working greatly again, though Phil Jackson is a very savvy coach, and he will certainly come up with a tactical plan to counteract Boston’s strategy tonight.

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