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Lakers handle Suns their second conference finals defeat

Whenever Phoenix sent 2 defenders to cover Kobe Bryant, he passed on the ball to an open teammate without any difficulties, and when the Suns went on to cover Pau Gasol, the Lakers utilized their triangle offensive in order to regain control of their perimeter. These are strategies that have allowed Los Angeles to come up with two terrific performances at the finals for the Western Conference, and probably what every Lakers fan wants right now is a quick sweep of the Suns in order to meet Boston at the NBA Finals.

Gasol ended up scoring 29 points in the game, with 14 of those coming on the 4th quarter, while teammate Kobe Bryant contributed 21 points (this ended with his streak of 6 straight thirty-point games) and thirteen assists to the 124-112 victory of Wednesday night at Staples Center. Also for the Lakers, Ron Artest managed to score a total of eighteen points in a game that meant the 8th straight playoff win for Los Angeles.

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The Lakers are certainly moving the ball quite effectively thanks to Bryant and Gasol, whom had been the superstars of this series against one of the top scoring teams in the league. They are shooting well and moving the ball outstandingly, with Kobe being the only Los Angeles player to have come up with such large number of assists since Magic Johnson did it back in 96’.

As of now, Los Angeles remains unbeaten at home in the playoffs, this in despite of a huge effort by Phoenix, who was losing by 21 points at the end of the first period but that managed to put things even at 90 points heading towards the final quarter, and this defeat added to the first back to back loss for the Suns since January.

Games 3 is coming on Sunday night at US Airways Center, but unless Phoenix can find a way to truly stop the Lakers’ outstanding offensive, then it is almost certainly that the storied rivalry between Hollywood and Beantown will have a new chapter at this year’s finals.

Championships at the NBA are not easily to attain, and those franchises whom have been able to win titles are those who want it badly, in this case, the Lakers and the Celtics are the two postseason teams that are been exceptional, not just average.

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