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Lakers and Suns meet tonight for 1st game of western finals

Resting time seemed to be harmful for the Magic instead of helping them, and, can that become into a determining factor for the Lakers and Phoenix, whom have had a week off after winning the quarterfinals? Tonight we’ll find out when the Suns visit Los Angeles to play game one of the Western Conference finals.

The Lakers are attempting to reach their 3rd straight NBA finals, and they have in front of them the Suns, a team that ended up with their playoff run at the 06’-07’ season, and even though it has been 3 years since that, some players of Los Angeles players still have raw feelings about it, and are eager to start the series in order to find out who is the best this time around.

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Steve Nash is a 36 year old veteran that still has not obtained a championship ring. He has appeared 112 times at the playoffs, which is basically a record in the league for a for player appearances at the postseason without even having the chance of opting for the title, and since motivation is running high at the Suns, this is a team that the Lakers should play against with care.

Now, it certainly won’t be easy for Nash and the rest of the Suns to make it to the finals this time, as they are playing against a team that knows well how to play at the postseason. The Lakers are filled with superstars such as Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, whom are players that are used to this type of pressure, and Phoenix needs to find an effective way to neutralize the strength and talent of these players if they want to have a chance in this series.

Since the Lakers hold home court advantage and due to them having taller players than the Suns, they are the favorite ones to win, but let’s not forget that Phoenix is present at this finals after sweeping the Spurs in four straight matches, even though when the height of San Antonio players was also considerably superior (Tim Duncan for example), which means that this is a team that is quite motivated, just like the Celtics back in 2008, and when a team is feeling great, it becomes even better, which is why I am not giving this series to any of these teams yet, after game one’s results, that should be different.

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