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Ken Griffey Jr. has said goodbye to baseball for good

It seems like Ken Griffey Jr. just came back to play with his first MLB team for a single season in order to retire as a Mariners player. Yes, the top center fielders has decided to call it quits for good from Major League Baseball as he probably is not the player he wants to be at 40 years of age.

This current season he was hitting for .200, Seattle was not coming with as many victories as expected, the crowd that saw him playing his first professional games back in 1989 had actually thinned, which are probably the main reasons he decided that it was time for him to say goodbye to America’s favorite sport.

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This Wednesday, the famous ball player came up with the announcement that he will be leaving behind his 630 homeruns, his thirteen all-star games, his ten Gold Gloves, his MVP aware, and his clean reputation over twenty two seasons in order to initiate a brand new chapter in his life. Griffey Jr. said that “if I felt that I wasn’t able to do it anymore and that I was not having fun, then why bother”.

When he was leaving for the official press conference, he stated to the present people that he was still in shape to hit balls, and that he could still make a good contribution to a team, but since he was not getting the time he needed in the diamond, he was becoming faltering.

Ken Griffey Jr. was a player with the talents of Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle, as he was able to run down the balls and slugged just like them. And of course, his signature swing will always remain as a trademark in baseball for new generations to learn from it. He always played in an elegant, yet precise way, and that won’t be forgotten either.

About his current teammates, the veteran player said that he feels they are professional, but that they just don’t have that extra something that is needed to actually come up with a title at the Majors. And when questioned about how he feels about leaving the sport that has became a large part of his life, he said to feel the same, not ups or downs, and that all he actually wants is to enjoy what is ahead of him.

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