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Joe Johnson might be the perfect plan B for Nets

Now that New Jersey has the number three pick, the odds of acquiring Chris Bosh or LeBron James have diminished, as this team was expecting to obtain the number one pick in order to be attractive enough for free agents, but since they didn’t landed it, they should actually be thinking on a plan b as neither of those two superstars are considering the Nets (a team that won only twelve games last year) as an option for the upcoming season.

Even though they are backed by a multimillionaire owner in Mikhail Prokhorov, the fact that they could not land the first pick shortened their possibilities of recruiting a top superstar, and even if Bosh, James or even Dwayne Wade decided that they want to play in a team other than the Nets, New Jersey still has about $25 million dollars to buy free agents (this is because the current salary cap is set at $56.1 in 2010-2011).

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Since they have pick #3, they might go for rookies such as Wesley Johnson, DeMarcus Cousins or even Derrick Favors, the latest being their top choice in order to play along Brook Lopez for a few seasons. Put these two next to Devin Harris, and you obtain a 3-men group that is attractive enough to recruit a superstar of the second most interesting group of free agents in Amare Stoudemire, Carlos Boozer and Joe Johnson.

And, out of those 3, the best option for the Nets is certainly Joe Johnson, as he will be the perfect complement for a lineup that includes Favors, Lopez and Harris, all of which can come up with big games when Johnson slows down.

With this lineup, it is certain that this team will become the next Thunder in terms of turnarounds as Oklahoma City won only 23 games 2 years ago, and they finished this current season winning an amazing 50 games. With Johnson on the team, the Nets will certainly have the potential to have a great run and even have the chance of making it to the playoffs.

But, if one of the top free agents decides to play for New Jersey this upcoming season, it s almost certain that such player will be LeBron James, as he is friends with co-owner Jay-Z. So, who would it be, Joe Johnson or James? We’ll know in a month from now.

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