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Game 3 of Eastern Conference finals is tonight

Today is the third match in the best of seven series between the Celtics and the Magic, which is currently 2-0 favoring Boston, whom are going to play games 3 and 4 at Td Garden, and tonight do not expect Orlando to play in a shy way, as they know that one more defeat can signify their disqualification from the postseason, which is why they will do all they can to come up with a necessary road win.

Forward Rashard Lewis trusts that his team will be able to come up with the victory as they have won at Boston’s court before, and according to him, there is no reason for that not to happen this time around, but if the Celtics end up winning the match, then it is almost for sure that the Magic is going to be swept on Monday at game four.

This is the first time since 1974 that the Celtics holds a better road record than a home record, as they are 24-17 playing at TD Garden, and 26-15 playing around the country, and if that wasn’t enough, this is actually the second time in the history of the franchise that his occurs.

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This improvement on the road is actually great for the team and coach Doc Rivers to help them forget that after beating the Magic in Christmas to improve their record at 23-5, they fell to hold a .500 record for the next 4 months. Rivers said that they certainly are not playing to go back to that; instead, they want to continue to be the team they were before December 25th 2009.

Players like Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace were not very effective during the regular season, but it seems like all that resting is allowing them to respond when they are most needed, as KG is playing outstandingly and Wallace is also contributing in a great way coming off the bench.

Garnett missed last year’s playoffs due to a knee injury, and the Celtics missed their chance to acquire a new title at that time, but now he is playing at his best, just like in 2008, when he was essential for Boston to come up with the 17th title in the history of the franchise.

I hardly believe in a comeback by Orlando, which is why this might be the year when we’ll see the Celtics playing against their lifetime archrival, the Lakers, at the Finals once more.

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