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Galarraga with consolation prize, Selig with the hate

Bud Selig… What is he thinking about! He had the chance of reversing a blown that has cost it Armando Galarraga, the pitcher for the Tigers, the chance of coming up with a perfect game, something that is considered as a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment in professional baseball. And he rightly earned it, but instead, he awarded the pitcher with a brand new Mustang as a consolation price, as if the well paid pitcher needed it.

Selig has been trying to be as protective of the game as possible since he was named as the ninth commissioner of Major League Baseball, but his decisions have sometimes earned him more hatred than respect, as he has done more harm than good.

What is being debated here is the foul call from Jim Joyce, the umpire who made a huge mistake with his decision on the game between Detroit and the Indians, and replays would prove that he called a baseball out something else, but he was professional enough to embrace his wrong call by talking to Selig, who is the one with the power to change things for good, but that is actually not willing to do it.

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Of course it is understandable that Bud Selig needs to be precautious as his decisions are carefully watched, and yes, he might not care about other people’s opinions, letting this things going in history, but he should also recognize that nothing, I mean nothing even similar to this had ever happened in the majors in more than one hundred years before Wednesday night.

Joyce has redeemed himself, that’s for sure, so no blame on him, as he recognized how valuable an achievement like this is for a player, and how rare these type of chances comes, and he is also aware about how such bad call will end up being the worst decision he will make in his career, no matter what he does from here on.

Now, we need to give Joyce some credit as the play occurred in fast speed, which is the reason he came up with the wrong call, then when you get to watch it in slow motion, it is clear that Galarraga should have been granted with the perfect game, but who knows, this might as well serve as a lesson for other MLB umpires in order to be more careful with the decisions they make.

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