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Fisher and Bryant looking for the fifth NBA title with LA

Both Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher belong to the same draft class of 1996, the only difference is that each one of them went to different teams, but a few years ago, when they got together at the Lakers, they won 3 NBA titles and immediately created a bond that has lasted until the present.

They are not at the same level when it comes to talent or personalities, instead, their friendship is based in the good number of things they have lived together, both good and bad, and each one of them knows that the other is going to be there when needed.

The Lakers certainly needs this kind of close ties when it comes to games like the one tonight against the Celtics, as only a team that is united can fight against a strong like Boston and in their own court. Though the big responsibility relies in the shoulders of the locals since they missed game 3, and another loss at home can actually put them in a serious predicament being forced to win game five or most likely say goodbye to their season.

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Fisher abandoned the Lakers for a single season to play with the Jazz, but his daughter Tatum was suffering of eye cancer, and she needed to be treated at Los Angeles, which is why he accepted an open point guard position.

The Lakers added Pau Gasol soon after Fisher returned, and since then they have had a very regular set of starters that have played a few postseasons together, winning the title last year and making it to the finals this time around.

If the Lakers win the championship this time around, it will mean the 5th title in eleven years for both Kobe and Fisher whom have been guided by the hand of Phil Jackson. In fact, when it comes to Jackson, we can say that this is not the first similar couple he has coached, with Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan being the other two.

In the Lakers, Fisher is clearly the motivator, the man that is always there with a good word to lift up his teammates’ spirits, while Kobe is a man that also guides Los Angeles but in a different way, as he always plays an intense game that almost force the rest to follow his lead.

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