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Falcons looking for new open air stadium in 7 years

The Falcons are looking forward to build a brand new stadium in the next 7 years, but when it comes to their current arena, the Georgia Dome, well, this is apparently a very good source of revenue for the Georgia World Congress Center, which is the entity that manages the Dome, and even if there is a new arena on the way, the Dome (opened in 1992) is not going to be demolished.

The new stadium will be more of a complement for the current one, and not a full replacement, as the Georgia Dome will continue to hold events such as the Chick-fil-A Bowl, the championship game for the Southeastern Football Conference and the SEC basketball tournaments in the year 2011 and 2014. The Dome has hosted 2 Super Bowls and will also host its 3rd Final Four in 2013.

This arena also hosts a matchup between teams of the Atlantic Coast Conference as the SEC on the 1st week of the NCAA football season, and beginning this season, it will also serve as home for Georgia State’s football season.

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Only ten out of 106 events held at the Georgia Dome in 09’ were games of the Falcons, which means that there is a lot of types of events beyond this team which takes place at this arena, that serves as an economic driver for the city because of the large amount of visitors that spend money not just at the arena, but in hotels, restaurants, and much more.

And when it comes to numbers, Falcons games sold 524,500 tickets, which is just a small part of the total of 1,335,000 tickets sold for all events of 2009.

Actually, the Dome could not be demolished before 2015 because there are contracts signed for events until that date, such as the one for the SEC championship game to be played at the facility at that year.

Atlanta’s NFL team will actually step away from the Georgia Dome, playing their games at the new open air stadium while allowing other events to continue to take place at the Dome.

Rich McKay, the president of the Falcons said that the construction of the new stadium might involve a combination of tax dollars with private funding, and he said that the team is expecting some opposition on this subject, but it is almost certain that a new arena will be build within the next 7 years.

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