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Dressage at Saratoga was held on Memorial weekend

For the last sixteen years, the Association known as the Eastern New York Dressage & Combined Training has been hosting the Dressage at Saratoga, which is an event that has attracted a good number of people every time it has been held at the weekend previous to Memorial Day. This year was not the exception, as the event took place during Saturday and Sunday at Saratoga Race Course and was complemented with more than six thousand dollars in prizes and cash.

This is an event that is sanctioned by the US Dressage Federation and the US Equestrian Federation, and it offers a class for every level of riders. It recognizes and rewards amateur contestants, and it offers a test for lower levels throughout the most advanced Freestyle and Grand Prix. The DAS also serves as a qualifier for different championships.

The president for ENYDCTA, Regina Cristo, who is also the chairperson for DAS, said that this is a great day for people that consider themselves horse-savy, but also mentioned that it is also an event for most people who just want to appreciate some beautiful colts in action. The Dressage at Saratoga is very inexpensive, which allows whole families to attend to it in order to appreciate the impressive historical racecourse and to check out some of the best riders out there.

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This is actually the second year in which DAS will feature special para-equestrian lessons for disabled riders. Such classes allow disable individuals to compete against each other and achieve their personal goals concerning the equestrian sport. These lessons are offered in a 4-grade system which is designed to allow riders whom share similar disabilities to compete in an equal way.

A combination of rider and horse are also able to compete in a musical freestyle at every level of the event. This special class is held by expert musical choreographers which work with the horses in order to allow them to compete between each other by presenting special artistic movements which must be technically correct.

Brian O’Connor returned again as the announcer for the event. He also serves as the announcer of the 3 phases of equestrian divisions at the Olympics held at Beijing in 2008 and is the brother of David O’Connor, whom is a gold medalist at the Sydney Olympics and the President of USEF.

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