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Doc Rivers and Phil Jackson: their future is not clear

Sure, there are 9 championship rings of difference between Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers, but nobody can deny that the gap between these two coaches has closed in recent times; maybe because Rivers got the best of Phil’s Lakers back in 2008 when they won the title?

Or is it maybe that the coach for the Celtics has been emulating Jackson and knows how he thinks? Both of these statements might be true, but they are certainly paired in one subject: there is not a real guarantee that either of them is going to come back to coach the same team the following season as this is their final year of contract.

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Their reasons for not wanting to continue coaching their current teams are quite different, as Lakers owner Jerry Buss does not want to pay Jackson the same yearly salary he made this season, which is twelve million dollars, and apparently Phil Jackson does not want to earn less than that, even more if he ends up winning another ring.

On the case of Rivers, he wants to actually opt out of his remaining year of contract, which would pay him a total of $5.3 million dollars, but he has mentioned that instead of coaching the Celtics for one more season, he instead, wants to spend such time with his family as he wants to watch his kids finishing their high school and collegiate athletic careers.

And when it comes to the free agent market this summer, with LeBron James included in the list of superstars whom are looking for a new north, then it is easy to see Phil Jackson leaving the Lakers for a team that will include LeBron in its roster, and such team can actually be the Nets, which is a franchise that is owned by the wealthiest man in Russia, Mikhail Prokhorov, whom will certainly be interested in creating a dynasty in New Jersey leaded by Jackson, who might be able to do for King James what he did for Jordan.

As of now, none of the two coaches has taken a final decision on their future, but it is certain that the outcome of the 2010 NBA Finals is going to be essential for either of them in order to determine what is best for them. I am guessing Jackson will remain the Lakers no matter what, and Rivers might walk away if he loses the series, but if he wins, he will probably won’t like to miss the chance of acquiring a third ring with Boston.

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