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Derrick Caracter: NBA, an overseas league or… the Navy?

When the basketball days of some former NBA players were over, they opt for choosing very different career paths, such as the case of Todd McCullough, who became a professional pinball star, or Rony Seikaly, who became a deejay, and what about Brad Daugherty who went on to broadcast for NASCAR. Well, now we have the case of Derrick Caracter, a 22 year old power forward from Texas University.

Caracter is just that, a character. He was dismissed from the University of Lousville a couple of years ago due to poor academic results, excessive overweight and a plain bad attitude. He has stated that if he fails to make it to the NBA in a successful way next season, he is thinking in joining the Navy. Sure, he has demonstrated that he can be more disciplined, as he shown in his single season playing for UTEP last year, but, will he be able to handle boot camp stresses with success, waking up early every day and spend ten or even twelve hours training?

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The young player is actually quite positive about playing at the national basketball league, as he is looking forward to train with players whom have more experience than him, and might actually a chance to play professional hoops, but they way I see it, he might as well do it overseas.

I am sure he will enter the draft, but he first needs to low his weight about twenty to thirty points to around 265 in order to prove NBA teams that he is able to remain a consistent and professional player, otherwise, he will have to try his luck in countries such as China or Spain, the top hoops leagues after the NBA.

I think he’s mostly joking about joining the Navy, as he is a very lazy person, and such job requires arduous discipline, and when it comes to his comments such as “chilling in Japan” concerning traveling the world with the Navy, well, where can I find an Navy officer?

Because I truly want to ask him if its true that can actually “chill” when you enroll, of course I already know the answer, but I would like to see his face when I get to tell him that I know a guy who opted out of professional basketball because he wanted to go “chill” at the Navy, that would be funny indeed.

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