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Derek Fisher: Not the best, but certainly a key player

It seems like Derek Fisher is a player that has never been too favored by numbers. With a height of 6’1, he is the shortest player in the team, and it is also the oldest as he is 35.

His average per game during his whole career is 2.6 assists and 8.7 points, and which such numbers you might not trust him to become an essential part of a team that is looking to build for a championship, but in despite of this, the Lakers have trusted him to be a starter at the playoffs, not just now, but in all of the years he has wore the Los Angeles jersey, not because he is the best shooter, or because he is really fast, but mostly because he always manage to be at the right place, at the right time.

He will never be the center of attention, even when he comes up with outstanding performances, such as his 22 points in the 103-101 victory from Los Angeles against the Suns on game five of the Western Conference finals. In despite of his great performance, the press focused on Ron Artest and his outstanding defensive performance.

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They asked Fisher about Artest’s final decisive shot on the game, and as soon as Artest appeared, they focused on Artest himself, while Fisher just walked off the news conference in a quiet way.

Well, Fisher has been in Artest’s shoes lots of times, but it seems like he is only taken as a leader when less regular players such as Artest does something good, the rest of the time, he is just taken as a liability.

Fisher has said that he is used to not been the top player in a team, not even a top 3. He mentioned that it has been like that for him since he was a small kid, and that he is used to be more a team-oriented players, always trying to keep it all together.

The good thing for Derek Fisher is that he is a veteran who knows the game very well, and he is certainly a man that can create an environment of trust and guidance that can help a team to come up with big things, and now more than ever, his presence is needed in the Lakers, as they will be playing the finals against another team that is full of trust and confidence right now: the Celtics.

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