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Cowboys are not allowing Crayton to be released just yet

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys said on Wednesday that his team has no plans at all about letting Patrick Crayton go in despite of his request. Well, at least not now, as he said that such decision might or might not come after training camp.

Jones mentioned (after an ordinary team activities session) that they have a good number of proficient wide receivers in the team, and that numbers are first, which is why they are still evaluation Crayton’s situation in order to see what is more suitable for the franchise.

The team is actually hesitant about continuing to pay Crayton his yearly $2 million dollar salary as he is actually the fourth receiver, but since Dallas is the owner of the contract, they are not willing to attend to his request of releasing him from his contract just yet.

Crayton has not been practicing with the team since Dez Bryant arrived to the team after being acquired in as a first round pick.

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But in fact, Jerry Jones does not hold a negative opinion concerning Crayton, as he said that the wide receiver has done all he has been asked to do in order to become into a productive NFL player, but also pointed out that he is actually acting under the bounds of his 4-year, fourteen-million dollar contract which the players agreed upon in December of 2007, a deal that has already paid him a total of $8.5 million.

But Jones is not that surprised that Patrick hasn’t showed up for OTA’s as they are voluntary. He said that if the practice was obligatory, Crayton would probably be the first one in line as he knows he is under contract.

As of now, Crayton has caught thirty seven passes for a total of 622 yards and ended up scoring a total of 5 touchdowns last season. But then Bryant came in April, and since the Cowboys already have Miles Austin and Roy Williams in the roster, it hasn’t left too much space for Patrick.

Patrick Crayton has enough good reasons to want to be released from the team right now, as if Dallas decides that the best thing is to cut him off after training camp, then he will not have a good chance of obtaining a decent contract with another NFL franchise, but well, it is all a decision that needs to be taken by Jones, and that has not occur just yet.

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