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Chuck Liddell retires, Dana White continues to support him

It is probably uncertain for the newest MMA fans to know why Chuck Liddell and Dana White are so close to each other; well it is basically the same reason why White also has tight bonds with other fighters such as Randy Couture and Rich Franklin and Matt Hughes, as just 5 years ago, to sell packed arenas and enjoying of 100,000 pay per view purchases was only a dream for the promotion known as Ultimate Fighting Championship, but now to fill arenas has become into a usual thing , and pay per views are reaching the three hundred thousand views at the lowest.

And such increased popularity for the Ultimate Fighting Championship is the reason why White and the aforementioned veteran fighters are all close friends, as Liddell, Hughes, Couture and Franklin are the ones that started it all, promoting the league and fighting each other in a time span that goes from 2002 to 2007.

White has said that Chuck Liddell means a lot not just to him and his company but to the sport in general, as in the early days, the UFC didn’t counted with enough press attention and were short of coverage for the fights, but thanks to Liddell’s work as a pitchman traveling with White all over the country, and promoting mixed martial arts, is the main reason why the UFC is what it is now.

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Liddell didn’t retired as he would have liked it, as he lost his UFC 115 fight against Rich Franklin at Vancouver, and White said that he is “not feeling sad at all” about the Iceman as he said that he got out fighting like a champ, just like in the old days (did I mentioned that he broke Franklin’s arm before getting K.O.’ed?)

For many people, Liddell is almost unknown, but as MMA continues to grow in popularity, the legend of the Iceman is sure to become one of the most memorable ones. This fighter began making thousands per fight and ended up making millions, right now he is 40 years old, and looking for ways to invest his free time (White said that the former fighter will remain a spokesman for the UFC) and cash, and if he’s careful about how he get to spend his money, he might probably be set for life.

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