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Celtics win game four, NBA Finals series is now 2-2

With their 96-89 win from yesterday, the Celtics are proving that they are in a great condition, and also avoided a 3-1 deficit in their series against the Lakers. Now their trip back to Los Angeles is guaranteed, and if Boston actually manages to win game five at home, then they can close the series on the road.

Big Baby Davis was the man yesterday, as he played an outstanding last period, scoring half of his 18 points at the 4th and handling his team a well deserved victory that came mostly because of how good the bench played. In fact, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo entered the game with 2 minutes left in the clock, the rest of the quarter, they were cheering Davis and Nate Robinson, who played seventeen minutes and scored 12 valuable points.

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Pierce scored 19, Ray Allen 12 and Kevin Garnett managed to come up with a total of 13 points, which are low numbers considering the kind of players these guys are, and, since they did not played at their best, the contribution from the bench can be considered essential, specially the one of Davis, who was praised by Coach Doc Rivers, who said that none of the regular starters was mad because they were on the sideline for most of the last quarter, in fact, he mentioned that they were asking him not to remove Robinson or Davis from the court because of how good they were performing.

Kobe Bryant was probably quite disappointed since he scored an impressive 33 points but failed to led the Lakers to the victory. Pau Gasol also played quite well, coming up with a total of 21 and Lamar Odom with ten.

It is clear that the Celtics are more than ready to face the Lakers on the fifth match of the series at home, but a loss on such match can truly compromise their season, which is why a balance in terms of game level from both the starters and the bench is required to play as best as possible against a team that is well equipped with superstar players such as Kobe And Gasol, whom are guided by the uplifting words from Derek Fisher.

Ray Allen already played a huge match on game 2, but Garnett and Pierce still haven’t, and they certainly will try to improve in order to please their fans and take the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy home.

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