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Celtics visit Orlando for game five of the conference finals

The Celtics certainly didn’t wanted to play a fifth game as they could have closed the series against Orlando for the Eastern Conference Finals in four games at TD Garden, but they failed to do so, and now they are heading to Florida to face the Magic at their own court, but the truth is that only 4 times in the history of American pro sports have a team made a comeback after losing the first three games of a series (3 in the NHL and 1 in MLB but never in pro basketball), but of course that probably doesn’t mean anything to Celtics fans, whom are almost sure that their team is going to acquire their ticket to the finals tonight.

Tonight’s game is very interesting as both teams are quite pressured to come up victorious, the Celtics because they want to take down the Magic as soon as possible, and Orlando because they want to make history as they would attempt to become the first team in the history of the league to make a comeback from a 3-0 deficit.

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Any of these two teams are also eager to face the Lakers at the finals (that is if Los Angeles is able to make it as their series against the Suns is currently 2 game apiece), as both have their rivalries against Kobe’s team since Boston would like to repeat what they did in the 2008 season and the Magic are looking for revenge after getting eliminated by the Lakers last year in the finals.

Dwight Howard is trying to motive his teammates by trying to eliminate any collective anxiety and disbelief in order to keep playing with a cold mentality in order to have a real chance against the Celtics, a team that is seeing as an underdog tonight due to Orlando’s road victory from Monday night and because the Magic is playing at home today.

But in despite of not being favorites, Boston has all it takes to win game five on the road, and they just need one more win in order to acquire their pass to the finals, which is much more different than their rivals, whom would need to extend the series to 7 games in order to return to the finals for the second consecutive year. The Celtics are not favorites, but I believe they will beat the Magic in a few hours from now.

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