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Celtics made it to conference finals, Cavs out of playoffs

The underdog Celtics achieved their pass to the eastern conference finals yesterday after defeating the favored Cavaliers in game 6 of the series that was won by Boston 4-2. On the game, Kevin Garnett managed to score 22 and contributed with 12 rebounds, while point guard Rajon Rondo finished the match with 21 and twelve assists for the 94-85 victory that is now sending the Celtics to play the well rested Magic.

One thing that might have favor the Celtics this time around is their experience as a group, as the same players have been together for 3 seasons now, and they certainly took advantage of this factor over a team that is not as compact such as the Cavs, whom flew yesterday back to town in order to rethink their achievements at the season and wonder why their pass to the conference finals slipped from their hands one more time.

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At least LeBron James is not going empty handed this time since he obtained the MVP honors less than a month ago, as he led his team to 61 victories this season, but in despite of this, he still don’t know how it feels to be a champion, which is why his permanence at Cleveland is not certain.

A probable destination for James is New York, where a Knicks team that is in the process of rebuilding in order to opt for a championship would not hesitate to trade a few players and free enough salary cap space in order to offer King James a juicy contract that would be tempting enough for him to consider them as a viable choice in order to move out of Cleveland.

James finished the game with 27 points, ten assists and nineteen rebounds for a career high in the playoffs, but he also had 9 turnovers and might have been playing not at his best due to a elbow injury that has been troubling him lately. Even Kevin Garnett was very supportive, as he told LeBron that he knew how it feels to give it all at the court, injured or not, and still not been able to win a championship (Garnett spent 10 seasons playing for the Twolves and never achieved a ring in despite of being a superstar).

Now the Magic is the only team which the Celtics needs to beat in order to make it to the NBA finals one more time, and considering how good they are playing, they might as well do it.

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