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Celtics beat Magic by 95-92, now the series is 2-0

So you still think that the Celtics are too slow or too old? Well think again, as they are just two games away from making it to the NBA finals. Yes, with their second road victory of 95-92 from yesterday night, the series between Orlando and Boston is 2-0, and now the Magic will have to see how they can actually win at the TD Garden for the following two games of the series or they will be saying goodbye to the playoffs earlier than anybody would have thought of.

It actually seems like the Celtics have been saving their best for the final stretch of the season, as the whole team looks more energized and ready for what is coming. On the match, Paul Pierce was the top scorer with 28 points, while teammate Rajon Rondo finished with 25 in a game that meant the second straight defeat for an Orlando team that had 14 games without losing before the Celtics.

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For the Magic, Dwight Howard finished with 30 points, while both J.J. Redick and Vince Carter ended up with sixteen. Orlando did not played bad at all, even taking a brief lead in the 4th period, but at the end they were not able to hold it, granting the Celtics a valuable victory that is getting them closer to finals, where they will meet the winner of the series between the Lakers and the Suns, which is now 1-0 favoring Los Angeles and with the second game at Staples Center tonight.

Howard said after the game that he still hopeful and that he won’t stop believing in a possible comeback from Orlando, which will be traveling to Boston for games 3 and 4, starting on Saturday.

The Magic are the current Eastern Conference champions, and they were certainly planning to repeat this year in order to take vengeance at the finals after losing last season, but it seems like their classification to the next round is very comprised and might as well not happen since the Celtics are becoming the team that we saw at the beginning of the season, when they showed to be very compact and solid, much different to what they showed at the middle of the season, as they became weaker, and far away from the team that is delivering in a big way right now.

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