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Celtics and Magic with tight scores at the postseason

It seems like in recent times, the Celtics are always troublesome in the Magic’s run at the playoffs. Just like last year, when they were able to take Orlando to a 7-game series, even when they did not counted with Kevin Garnett at the time. The Magic probably thought that Boston was not going to become a trouble this time around, which is why they built up a team that is made to go against teams such as the Lakers and the Cavs, not the Celtics.

It might actually be hard for some Orlando fans to see how their team is down 2-0 in their series against the once-underdog Celtics, since their team was the best of the season in terms of point differentials, well, except against Boston, as even though the Magic led their regular season series by 3-1, the truth is that each one of those games ended up with tight scores, no different than the scores at the postseason.

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It actually seems like Boston is beating the Magic not because they are more aggressive, but because they have been more patient and more confident in their own game, and even though Orlando is playing well, they are not just as good as needed against Paul Pierce’s team.

I think the Magic expected to meet a less-tougher rival in the Celtics, but they have realized that even seconds are essential against this team, which won game one by only 2 points and game two by only 3 points.

Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce had been the two more consistent players in Boston during the playoffs, as they have played outstanding games from start to end, never allowing a minute of rest, and that is precisely what has allowed the Celtics to continue to dream with an 18th NBA championship.

Sure, the Magic is a team that certainly has the potential to go to Boston and bring back 2 road victories, but the truth is that even though Dwight Howard is an outstanding player just like Vince Carter, they need to pay attention to last-second mistakes, as such errors are the ones that are almost leaving them out of the playoffs.

And of course, the Celtics needs to continue to play outstandingly at the upcoming games, as they don’t want to depend on close matches to win series.

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