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Celtics and Lakers (favorites) final series starts June 3

This is the first straight year that the Lakers managed to make it to the NBA Finals, and with home court advantage there is no doubt that they are the favorites in the series against the Celtics, whom took the championship away from them in 2008.

Another factor that makes Los Angeles the favored team to win the series is that they were dominant during the full season, classifying to the playoffs as a first seed, which is why they have been able to play at home the first two games of their different postseason series.

The Lakers had a hard task passing Kevin Durant and the Thunder, and then they had it easy against the Jazz and have had their toughest mission in beating the Suns, whom in despite of losing games one and two at Staples Center, made a comeback playing at home and winning the next two games of the series, but the last road win finally gave the Lakers the desired ticket to the most important series in the league.

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Kobe Bryant has played phenomenal, as well as Pau Gasol and the rest of the usual Los Angeles starters, but players like Ron Artest have also been quite important with their contributions, as Artest is an outstanding and experienced defender who truly knows how to do things well, a clear example came when Phil Jackson gave him the task of defending against Kevin Durant, Carlos Boozer and Steve Nash, coming up with outstanding performances.

Sure, I am writing about the Lakers a lot, but don’t get me wrong, I believe the Celtics are also a very talented team that is capable of winning this series, as they have been underdogs in all of their postseason series, but have managed to beat all of their rivals, and they are certainly playing their best basketball of the season, but I have to say that Kobe is playing inspired basketball and won’t let things go so easily, that is why I believe this is going to be a series of 6 or 7 games.

The series starts on June 3, which gives both teams enough time to prepare and re-think their game in order to come up with the best performance they can give, therefore, if you are a hoops fan it is almost impossible that won’ make a space in your busy agenda to watch these upcoming games.

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