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Carmelo Anthony needs accurate teammates at the playoffs

For an NBA franchise which missed the postseason from 1996 to 2002, to make it to the playoffs for 7 consecutive years seems like a very positive thing.

The real problem is that Denver got dismissed from the playoffs in the first round in 6 occasions, with the seventh year being the best one as they managed to make it to the Conference Finals where they met the Lakers this previous season, but still could not pass from that point.

Carmelo Anthony arrived to the Nuggets exactly when these 7 years of being swept from the playoffs began, but he is definitely not the reason why this team has being so unlucky, fact everything has to do with the large number of under qualified players the Nuggets have surrounded Carmelo with. Starting with Allen Iverson, who was not a good partner for Anthony, to others like Andre Miller who was actually good but never great when playing for Denver.

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And, when it comes to Marcus Camby and Dhantay Jones, it is exactly the same, good defenders and teammates but not at Carmelo’s level.

As of now, the guys surrounding Melo are Chris Andersen, Nene, Arron Afflalo and J.R. Smith, and even with such good players teaming with the superstar, the Nuggets are still waiting for their golden chance to make it to the NBA finals and acquire their first NBA championship ever.

And, since it is the postseason, and with Carmelo Anthony as the only untouchable player in the roster, it is probably the right time for this franchise to start some serious rebuilding process. If you ask why until now, it is because Anthony is at his prime, and he might not continue to be as patient as he has been if the team continues to fail so badly at the playoffs.

Now, when it comes to Chauncey Billups, well, the 33 year old veteran has certainly been the guiding force behind the team, but for some reason he has underperformed at the playoffs, and a clear example is the 08’-09’ season, when he turned the ball an outstanding 3 times per game, certainly not what is expected of a caliber player like himself.

Now the question is: who is the perfect match for Anthony? I guess the Nuggets will have to find that out before the start of the upcoming season, or things won’t change at all for this team.

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