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Can Steve Spurrier be the best NCAA football coach ever?

Vince Lombardi once said that winning is not everything, it is actually the only thing, and such statement and the actions that supported them made him a legendary personality in the history of football, but there is something very true: the most wins does not necessarily means the top coach.

Take Howard Schnellenberger as a clear example; he ranks as in 7th place amongst the coaches whom have won the most games at Miami, with forty one wins when coaching there, but he was probably the top coach in the history of that school, as he improved the 1979 Hurricanes in a considerable way, eliminating the “moribund program” image they had, and five years after having him as coach, the Hurricanes won their first championship.

After winning the title, Schnellenberger left the team, allowing coaches such as Butch Davis, Dennis Erickson and Randy Shannon to take charge of the position, but even though they had some success, with Erickson and Johnson winning national championships, they were just taking advantage of the fabulous job from Schnellenberger.

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The previous example was given because now there is another coach in the same position: Steve Spurrier, whom has not yet won a SEC title with the Gamecocks, but he is mostly responsible for renewing this team and transform it into what it is now, which is why there is a lot of people saying that if South Carolina, can actually win the championship, then he might as well can be considered the best college football coach in history.

If we go back into Spurrier’s career, then it is clear that he is a coach that can accomplish huge things, and a clear example is his tenure as coach for Duke, as he shared some of the success for their acquisition of the ACC championship of 1989, coming up with 20 wins, and before him, this team had not won more than 6 matches in a single season in twenty four years.

When Spurrier decided that it was time for him to leave Duke, he took on a Florida football program that had come up with only a single SEC championship, and under his command, he led the team to an outstanding 6 SEC titles. Just think about this, and wait to see what he is going to end up accomplishing with the Hurricanes, as he might as well become the best coach in the history of NCAA football.

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