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Bulls and Nets interested in hiring Phil Jackson

Apparently the Bulls have been trying to communicate with Phil Jackson using back cannels in order to increase his interest in coming back to the team which he guided to 6 NBA titles, but as of now there has not been any direct contact between officials from the franchise and the professional basketball coach.

But Chicago is not the only team that is raising an interest in the current coach for the Lakers, as the Nets have also utilized similar communication channels in order to enquire about Jackson’s disposition towards a change of franchises.

After serving eleven seasons and obtaining 2 championships with the Knicks, Phil Jackson’s first coaching experience came with New Jersey during two seasons, acting as a player-assistant for Kevin Loughery.

Even though when Jackson said in the past that if he gets to coach any team next season, that he was 90% sure that such team would be the Lakers, Mikhail Prokhorov, who is probably the wealthiest owner in the league, certainly has the wisdom and the cash to convince the veteran coach to switch teams.

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On the other hand, the Bulls also have a huge salary cap of $23 million dollars, which is why a lot of people believes LeBron James would be heading to Chicago for the next season, as he would have the chance of playing along Derrick Rose, who is one of the most promising players of this era, and Joakim Noah, another interesting prospect that is expecting to become into a superstar in the near future.

LeBron in the Bulls is interesting for Jackson, and Phil in Chicago is interesting for James, and if both player and coach decides to sign with the windy city, then this team would certainly be a title contender next season, and Phil Jackson could say to be proud of having coached some of the most talented players in the NBA, including Shaq, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and LeBron.

These two teams, New Jersey and the Bulls are just 2 of 6 teams which currently have an open vacancy for a coaching position, and with Lakers owner Jerry Buss asking Jackson to take a cut from his $12 million salary, the possibility for other teams of hiring him has increased considerably.

The NBA finals are currently being played, and if the Lakers win or lose the title can be the determining point for Jackson to decide what to do with his career.

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