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Bryce Harper chosen as number one pick at the 2010 MLB draft

This year’s MLB draft just took place, and now many promises have the opportunity of starting their careers at the top baseball league in the world. A few interesting picks have emerged, and the talks about the different choices from all teams were abundant.

The Nationals, whom were the worst team in the draft, obtained the first pick, and with such an outstanding option, they chose 17 year old Bryce Harper, a college pitcher, whom Washington is planning to move to the outfield as they see a lot of offensive potential on him, this was confirmed by Mike Rizzo, the team’s manager.

Rizzo mentioned that they actually believe Harper can do great in the majors as a catcher, but when tested on the bat, the young player has proven to be more effective, which is why they took the drastic option of getting him to play a position he is not accustomed to.

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Harper, who opted for a general education development diploma instead of finishing the last 2 years of regular high school in Las Vegas, is arriving to the majors with a .443, thirty one homeruns, 98 RBI’s and twenty steals in just sixty six matches.

He is actually the youngest batter whom made it to the West Athletic Conference and the 1st junior college player to make it to number one. Harper has mentioned that he has wanted to be drafted since he was a little seven year old kid; he also mentioned that he doesn’t care for what team he will have to play, as long as he is in the MLB.

The personal advice for Bryce Harper is Scott Boras, the same agent that negotiated an outstanding $15 million dollar contract for Stephen Strasburg, the number one overall pick from last year. Boras is expected to come up with an even better deal for a player of such a young age, and the National have time to come up with a definitive deal by August 16, or they might as well lose their rights over him, but if he actually gets signed, he will be playing in the Gulf Coast League at a rookie level.

On second place on the draft, the Pirates chose Jameson Taillon, a pitcher from The Woodlands High School, and Manny Machado from Brito High School was chosen in third by the Baltimore Orioles.

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