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Brett Favre expected to return for one more season

Apparently football superstar Brett Favre has decided that he will actually return for another season in order to pursue the only thing he’s missing in his resume: a second championship ring with the Vikings, the biggest rival of the Packers, his long-time team with whom he won Super bowl XXXI back in 1997.

It seems like Favre don’t care too much about his promises, as he said to the players of the Golden Eagles, a baseball team from Southern Mississippi (Favre’s alma mater) that he will be returning for one more year if they manage to obtain a birth for the College World Series.

They didn’t made it, as they were eliminated by Auburn in a 17-8 loss at Omaha, and now it is certainly that the future of the veteran quarterback was not attached at all to any promises, as it is an official fact that Brett Favre will be returning for his 20th season at the biggest American football league in the world.

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Favre was hoping that the Golden Eagles were able to make it to the College World Series for a second consecutive season, as he said that he was thrilled when they did it last year when they beat Texas.

The famous quarterback went through ankle surgery recently, which is a strong indication that he wants to play football badly since he hates any type of visits to the operating room, which is why some reporters were not taking the Southern Miss promise too seriously.

This is not the first time Favre has surgery, as he underwent a shoulder operation before he decided to sign a 2-year deal with Minnesota prior to the start of the 2009 season. He mentioned that when he decided to sign with the archrivals of his loved Packers, he did it with trepidation, as he didn’t knew what to expect, and also mentioned that another factor was his age, as he was 39 at the time, and not getting any younger, therefore, he was afraid that was not going to be able of meeting expectations.

Fortunately for him, everything went great, as he said that coaches, players and the overall staff were all great, and he was actually able to come up with an outstanding season, though this year he wants to improve his game and guide the Vikings to their first Super Bowl title.

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