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Blackhawks and Flyers play game 6 of NHL finals tonight

Chicago is currently leading their finals series against the Flyers, whom will be playing game six at home tonight, and they will certainly be looking forward to put things even as they don’t want this game to be their last one of the season. Though they know that if they actually managed to put things even at 3 games apiece, if they get to celebrate their obtaining of the Stanley Cup, they will have to celebrate in front of the Blackhawks crowd, something they pay little attention to since they are completely focused on acquiring a positive result tonight.

It is clear that the Chicago also wants to win the finals, and they are hoping that tonight they will be obtaining the sought-after hockey trophy, as even Jonathan Toews, the captain for the team has said that they really don’t care if they have to celebrate at Wachovia Center, as they just want to get it all once and for all.

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As it is clear, the dream of every professional hockey player is to raise the Stanley Cup, and if the Blackhawks manage to win tonight, then Toews can become into one of the youngest players (22 years old) to be able of coming up with such honors in just his 3rd season in the league.

Toews has mentioned that he feels inspired by the work of Penguins’ captain Sidney Crosby, whom was just 21 years old when he raised the Stanley Cup last year. The player from Pittsburgh was actually the youngest ever to win the cup, and even though Toews cannot beat him at that, he wants to become the second youngest one to earn hockey’s ultimate award. He said that it has been a long year, but that he is sure that he is living a dream that can have a perfect end if Chicago wins.

On the other hand, the run of the Penguins from last year at the finals is also inspirational for Toews’ rival team, as Pittsburgh lost the first 2 matches playing on the road, then were beat again in game five and trailed in their series against Detroit by 3-2 before making an outstanding comeback and win the championship. And this is clearly the same position for Chicago this year, as they lost the first 2 against the Blackhawks, then won two straight at home and fell in game five. Will the same story repeat for the Flyers? We’ll find out tonight.

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