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Argentina with outstanding 4-1 win over South Korea

With a tight 1-0 win to Nigeria in their opening game at the FIFA 2010 World Cup, the Argentineans were not very convincing to the eyes of most soccer fans, but with their 4-1 victory to the South Koreans today, all of that has certainly change, and with England and Spain underperforming, the South Americans are now one of the top favorites at this stage of the tournament.

Gonzalo “el pipita” Higuain knows how much is expected from him at the cup, and even though he didn’t convinced in front of the Nigerians, he certainly did in his team’s win against South Korean at Soccer City in Johannesburg, as he came up with 3 impressive scorings.

The Albiceleste now has 6 points as the result of two victories, and with one more, they will be clinching of the first spots for the next round of the cup, and coach Diego Armando Maradona, couldn’t be happier about how his team is performing at the tourney after they struggled at the qualification phase, with many professional critics putting down the work of “el Pelusa”.

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Maradona helped Argentina to conquer the World Cup title back in 1986, and now he is looking forward to conquer the title one more time, only this time from the coaching seat.

For once, the controversial vuvuzelas were not heard that much during the match, as South Africans filled Soccer City with Argentina-favored chants which replaced the massive sound of the annoying musical instrument.

Apart from the 4-0 victory from Germany to Australia, this has been the other best performance from a team at the cup, with Argentina controlling the ball for most of the game and finishing with 11 straight shots to goal.

Lionel Messi, who is the biggest figure in the Argentinean squad, has played outstandingly, as he has helped with constant key plays during the first two matches of his team, but he has certainly struggled with scoring during the cup, as he still haven’t found the way to tap the ball in the net.

Maradona and all Argentinean fans are certainly expecting that Messi will play at a higher level in the upcoming games, and of course, they also hope that Higuain is going to continue with his good moment in order to continue with their favorable route to the World Cup final.

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