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Are London’s Olympics mascots the worst in history?

When London chose their official logo for the 2012 Olympic Games 3 year ago, they were faced with a considerable number of critics concerning the design and the overall look, and when they unveiled their official mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville, they were anxious to know if they would be faced against the wall once more due to their decisions, and well, they didn’t received the same type of complaints, as they were actually worse.

Even though there has always been some sort of mockery concerning Olympics mascots, it is actually quite difficult to come up with any positive comments concerning these two, as they certainly take absurdity and took it a whole new different level.

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As explained by the creators, their only eye is actually a TV camera through which they can see the world, and their yellow lights on top of their heads is to honor London’s famous taxicabs, and, yes, this ideas are very good, but why they final product is so bad that these mascots in reality looks like two concepts from Pixar that never passed quality texts?

Olympics officials actually pointed out that the final designs came in the hand of focus groups, mostly children, and the truth is that they certainly look like the product of the imagination of a second grader, yes, they are that bad. They actually seem like a poor combination of childish concepts, I am wondering if that is exactly what they are.

Can you imagine kids saying the first thing it comes to their minds such as “make it with just one eye” or “it will be cool if they can do karate”. There was no filter for all those ideas, and instead of making it simple but great, such as Barcelona’s Cobi (in my opinion, the only nice Olympics mascot ever), they went for a complicated design that looks awful.

Their natural defense is that the designs are actually to attract the attention of kids, in order to get them excited so they can then tell their parents to buy them any possible piece of merchandise that is going to have the mascots on it, but the truth is that there is no excuse for a very poor design like this one.

I guess the only good thing about these mascots is their name, with Wenlock being inspired by Much Wenlock, a character from the 19th century who held an event similar to the modern games, and Mandeville, which is the name of the hospital where the first Paralympics games took place.

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