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An overview on expansion plans from Big 12 and Pac-10

There is some speculation about the possible expansion of two college football conferences, the Pac-10 and the Big Ten. If this actually occurs it can truly chance the whole landscape of athletics at a collegiate level, and this has certainly created a lot of controversy.

Apparently, the Pac-10 is now extending special invitations to 6 colleges from the Big 12 in Baylor (or Colorado), Oklahoma, Texas tech, Oklahoma State, Texas tech, and Texas A & M to form a powerful mega-conference made out of sixteen teams.

If that actually occurs, and the Big Ten end up reacting by removing Missouri and Nebraska out of the Big 12 in order to pursue their own ambitions in terms of expansion, then everything is going to end up being quite positive for but also awkward, as the Pac-10 and the Big 10 will end up fortifying their assets and creating more curb appeal, increasing their TV property value, with the members of the Pac-10 pulling $20 million apiece in broadcasting negotiations in 2011 and Missouri and Nebraska making $22 million also apiece from the current Big Ten TV deal.

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But the wrong side of it comes in the Big 12 being destroyed, leaving Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State and either Baylor or Colorado looking for a new home, which might end up being the Mountain West Conference.

The commissioner of the Pac-10, Larry Scott, has mentioned that he already received the approval from the conference’s presidents in order to pursue different options that could be quite beneficial to the overall league, while Jim Delany, the Big Ten commissioner has said that the decision from the Pac 10 around this matter could end up altering the league’s expansion.

Notre Dame is the team that is of more interest to the Big Ten due to their outstanding national appeal, and if Delany is successful in convincing the Irish team to join his league, and then adds Missouri and Nebraska to the formula, then the Big Ten can stay at 14 teams, but an expansion to sixteen teams have not been discarded, as they might also add Syracuse, Pitt or Rutgers in an attempt to open the Northeast corridor doors, which can increase their revenues by becoming a national conference, increasing the kingdom of the SEC, and this might push the ACC to do the same.

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