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Aaron Rodgers don’t need to be compared, he is outstanding

Any Packers fan knows well that the Brett Favre years are gone, but those who were depressed or upset because their long-time (15 years with the team) Green Bay quarterback is no longer in the team are no more since they now rely in the services of a very proficient passer in Aaron Rodgers.

Let’s leave Brett Favre alone, as things are still great for the Packers after two years with Rodgers leading the team. Sure, I thought he was a good quarterback back when Favre left the Packers, but I never thought about how good he would become in such a short time span, and it is certainly a joy to watch him throwing the ball every time the Packs are playing.

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Now, since we agree about Rodgers being a great replacement for Favre, let’s talk about the expectations on the 26 year old football player concerning the upcoming 2010 NFL season. Even though his career as a starter began with the wrong foot as the Packers finished 2008 with a 6-10 record, he improved enormously the following year with an 11-5 record, and now he certainly has the potential needed to come up with even better results.

Rodgers’ decision making skills have also improved considerably since he became a starter, and his 30 touchdown passes from last season are proof of it, but, when we go to the NFC wild card game, we saw how the starting quarterback for the Packers was involved in a last minute fumble, so, even though the majority of his decisions are outstanding, he needs to pay some attention to timing.

Comparisons amongst quarterbacks are impossible to avoid, and Rodgers has managed to stop the Favre talks with his great performances, but he is still victim of another comparison: him and Peyton Manning, as many critics and football fans are pointing out that even though Rodgers is quite a good player, he will never be at Peyton’s level, and that is the gossiping he will be trying to stop at the upcoming season by playing the best football he can.

Aaron Rodgers has an enormous potential and the skills, and is also a much disciplined player, but he is not the perfect quarterback, as he still needs to correct some small mistakes, but this certainly promises to be one of the best seasons in recent years for the cheese heads.

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