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A win tonight can send the Celtics to the NBA Finals

The Magic, whom had 14 straight victories before meeting the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, were handled their third consecutive loss on Saturday, when they fell to Boston by 94-71 in one of the most embarrassing presentations from this team in the whole season. This series is now 3-0, and tonight is game four at TD Garden, and if Boston wins, they will be acquiring one of the two available tickets to the championship Finals.

Stan Van Gundy, the coach for the Magic, said that he I a person that almost never gets shocked, but he actually was on Saturday, as he could not believed that his team could not handle the situation in a better way since Orlando was clearly lacking determination and intensity.

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The Magic was down by seven points in the first 2 minutes of the game, then trailed by sixteen in the 1st quarter and were never closer than fourteen points after that, and 32 points behind at one point in the game.

The Magic falling so badly is actually quite surprising, as arrived to the playoffs with the second best postseason record in the East, and then managed to swept the Bobcats and the Hawks to make it to the conference finals.

If we take a look at the history of the league, then game four really doesn’t matter too much, as no team has ever made a comeback from a 3-0, which is why it is almost certain that the Celtics is going to be team that is going to make it to the finals this time around in order to have the chance of acquiring their second championship in 3 years and their eighteenth overall.

Just this year in the postseason, teams have taken leads of 3 straight games in 5 series, four of those were sweeps and just one, the series between the Celtics and Boston ended up in five matches.

This can actually comes as a revenge for the Celtics, whom were 3-2 last year at this same stage of the playoffs, to then losing the next two games, but that was when Kevin Garnett was injured, which is more different than this year, as all Boston starters are in their best shapes and ready for what is coming.

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