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A week-by-week preview for the Steelers: 13-3

Here is a breakdown of how we think Pittsburgh is going to end up the 2010 season with a possible record of 13-3, now, let’s start with this week by week recount starting with week 1.

Game one, the Falcons: The Steelers will host their first game against Atlanta, and without Big Ben due to a suspension, Mike Tomlin will have to make use of Dennis Dixon, who has shown that he is a capable reserve, and with a healthy, renovated defense, Pittsburgh is sure to win this one.

Game two, the Titans: This is certainly not the same Tennessee team from a couple of years ago, as they have already lost Albert Haynesworth and Vanden Bosch, which makes their defense very soft, and when it comes to offense, Chris Johnson is probably their only real asset, which is why this is probably going to be another victory for the Steelers over their division rival.

Game three, Buccaneers: Well, this is probably one of the worst teams in the league, and without having even played yet, they are already outclassed.

Game four, the Ravens: This game might signify the first loss of the season for the Steelers, as Baltimore is now a team that is better than ever.

Game five, the Browns: This is the first game for Ben Roethlisberger, and with his help, Pittsburgh is going to look for revenge against Cleveland, as this is the team that defeated them last year and left them out of the playoffs. We are predicting a victory here.

Game six, the Dolphins: This might be a difficult match for the Steelers, with a tight final score, but still a win for the Steelers.

Game seven, the Saints: The second loss for Pittsburgh, with an intense battle between Big Ben and Drew Brees.

Game eight, the Bengals: The Steelers will be looking revenge against Cincinnati as they lost two to them last year, probably a victory for Big Ben’s team.

Game nine, the Patriots: Another close match and another hard competition for Big Ben against Tom Brady, but Pittsburgh still win this one.

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Game ten, the Raiders: An easy victory for the Steelers, whom will be playing this game at Heinz Field.

Game eleven, the Bills: Since Buffalo does not have a good quarterback, another easy win for Roethlisberger.

Game twelve, the Ravens: This is a road game for the Steelers and Big Ben is present. Now, since Ray Lewis is probably beat up by a tough season, this second match against Baltimore is probably going to be a victory for Pittsburgh.

Game thirteen, the Bengals: Second game against Cincinnati and a probably second victory against them this year for the Steelers.

Game fourteen, the Jets: Since New York is one of the top teams in the league this time; this is probably going to be the third loss for Pittsburgh this season.

Game fifteen, the Panthers: Even though Jimmy Clausen is an outstanding quarterback, he certainly does not have the experience of Big Ben, which is probably the reason why this is going to be another win for the Steelers.

Game sixteen, the Browns: A victory for Pittsburgh that is going to allow them to clinch the AFC North.

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