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A look into FIFA World Cup’s group C

Now that the FIFA World Cup is so close, it is probably a good time to start reviewing the different groups, and this time, we will begin with group C, which has England, the United States, Algeria and Slovenia. The English are clearly the favorites here, with the USA and Algeria fighting for the second place, and when it comes to Slovenia, well, I guess they are just glad to be playing in a World Cup, but not more than that.

An interesting matchup here will be between veterans David Beckham and Landon Donovan, whom are teammates in the Galaxy. Donovan has been very critical of Beckham’s performance at Los Angeles, and even though they have talk things over, it is certain that to see them play against each other in order to see who the one is that is going to provide the best performance for their respective team.

There is no doubt that England’s Coach Fabio Capello, is very happy with the group his team is in, but as it always occurs in World Cups, there are always surprises, and even though the English are faced against 3 teams that might considered weaker, they might as well end up surprising everybody.

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England hasn’t won this tournament since 1966, which is why the tabloids are always adding pressure on them to finally come up with the cup, as this is probably some of the best teams this country has had in years, and they certainly have what it takes to beat the biggest names in the tourney.

And when it comes to managers, well, who it can be better than Capello, who is one of the most respected Coaches in the recent history of soccer.

The first game of group C will be actually between the USA and England on June 12 at Rustenburg, and when it comes to history, the United States certainly wants to repeat what they did back in 1950 when they came up with the victory against the English, in a win that is considered by many critics as the biggest victory in the history of the Americans.

Either of these two teams would like to finish first in the group as they will probably play Ghana or Serbia, because the one that ends up second will have to play Germany (most likely).

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