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A look into best value deals in the NBA

There was a time when professional basketball players just managed to make enough cash to live fairly good, but such days are certainly gone, as NBA players are now some of the wealthiest in sports, with multimillion dollar contracts and endorsements that allows them to live like real superstars.

Back in 1983, the league reached an agreement concerning the salary cap for each franchise, as it was established that every team would be able to spend only a 53% of their total gross revenue in salaries for their players. It was first applied in the 84-85 season, with a salary cap set on $3.6 million dollars, a number that seems ridiculous now, but that it was quite high back then. Now it is set on $57.7 million dollars, a figure that was agreed upon and which started to work on the 2009 NBA season.

And because the salary cap is higher now, the salaries for professional basketball players has also increased, as we can now find players who makes as much as twenty million dollars for a single season. And while there are veterans with outstanding salaries, there are younger superstars whom are paid a bargain for the service, let’s check some of the latest.

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Let’s start with Rajon Rondo, the starting point guard for the Celtics, who will ended up making $2.09 million dollars during the current season, and when it comes to a player that has been invaluable for his team, not only during the playoffs, but also during the regular season, and considering that he made it to the All-Star team this season, then it is certain that he is not getting paid what he is really worth, as All-Star reserves such as Derrick Rose made $5.18 million dollars this season alone.

Now let’s look at the case of Brandon Roy, a player that is considered to be one of the most versatile point guards in the NBA, which is why his salary of $3.91 million dollars a year is truly a top best-value business decision for the Trail Blazers.

What about Kevin Durant? This kid has become into one of the top players in the league in the previous 3 seasons (he is expected to become the next Kobe Bryant), and with a yearly salary set on $4.79 million dollars, he is certainly the best deal in the league.

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