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64th season of NBA ends up tonight with a seventh-game series

The Celtics will be playing at Staples Center tonight in the last game of their finals series against the Lakers, and when it comes to the seventh game of a championship series between these two teams, then statistics favors Boston, as they have won all the five meetings (out of 12 finals in which they have met) which have gone to 7 matches, but of course, the Lakers will try to put an end to that in their quest for their 16th banner.

And things really doesn’t look as great for the Celtics, whom fell by an embarrassing 89-67 on game six and will be playing tonight without Kendrick Perkins, who got injured on his right knee at the first period of Tuesday’s match.

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Even though Perkins is out, the good thing for the Irishmen is that they count with others such as Glen “Big Baby” Davis, who has been phenomenal during the postseason, and to count with such an outstanding player to fill in for the injured starter is why coach Doc Rivers is not so concerned.

In the previous 3 years, the Lakers have played a seventh match of a series only once, which means that they are a team that is able to close series in a fast way, but also means that they are faced with a huge challenge against Boston this time around, and when you consider the fact that no team has been able to win a series in game seven playing on the road since the Washington Bullets did it back in 1978, then you know this is also a big defiance for the Celtics.

In despite of having coached in 13 finals, this series of seven games is a brand new thing for Phil Jackson, who truly doesn’t know what to expect from a showdown to death between the two biggest rivals in the history of the league.

Now, statistics and history are certainly an interesting part of professional sports, but each time a new series takes place, history rewrites itself, and nothing will be said and done until the fourth period of game seven is over, therefore, it is important to trust more in uncertainty than in data which can mislead some to think in a given way about the outcome of a match that still hasn’t been played yet.

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