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3 clear favorites to come up with the Golden Boot this year

Believe it or not, Ronaldo is the only player that has managed to win the golden boot (a prize that is given to the player with the most goals at the end of the tournament) and a world cup at the same time in the past 6 FIFA events. But besides trying to win the cup for their team, this year’s candidates will be trying to become part of a very select group that also includes Miroslav Klose, the legendary Eusebio and Gerd Muller.

Being 28 years old, Spaniard David Villa is clearly at the top of his career, and has been one of the most successful scorers in global soccer for the past 5 years, scoring 3 goals in Germany 2006 and 4 goals on the Euro 2008, where he was granted with the Golden Shoe.

He scored more than twenty goals with his club Barcelona this past season, and is ready to help Spain (whom are considered underachievers), to come up with their first World Cup title, and he, as an individual is one of the top candidates to come up with the Golden Boot at South Africa 2010.

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But when it comes to personal favorites, I have to say that Robin van Persie is my first choice to win this sought-after prize, as he is coming fresh from an injury and has played enough matches since then in order to be in top shape to play his best soccer. He is outstanding with free kicks and amazing on the air, which makes him quite a menace for the rivals of the Netherlands.

Another player that I believe is going to do great things at South Africa is Wayne Rooney, as he is a very experienced striker who has played for England at big stages such as the Euro 2004. Then he had an awful time at the World Cup of 2006, when he was not playing at his top level, which is why he was not very productive in the match the Englishmen lost to the Portuguese national team. Now he has re-gained his regular shape, and is probably going to be quite aggressive against Hooligans’ rivals.

So, who the winner is going to be? Well, as I said before, I have van Persie as my top choice, but either Villa or Rooney can come up with the boot if they do things well.

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