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2014 Super Bowl to be held at the Meadowlands Stadium

The Super Bowl is coming to New Jersey, which means that the two teams which will make it to the most important game in the NFL will have to battle with very cold temperatures. Owners of pro football franchises held a reunion on Tuesday and agreed on playing the 2014 edition at the brand new Meadowlands Stadium (with a cost of $1.6 billion), which is the new home of both the Jets and the Giants. An interesting note is that this is the first time that a Super Bowl is going to be played at a cold place with no dome, as this is an open air arena.

As of now, the coldest temperature in the history of this important game is 39 degrees, and that is actually the average temperature in February at East Rutherford, the place where the venue is located, but the organizers of the event are sure that cold weather is not going to be a big inconvenient for the event as they are promising a top game, in a top stadium, in a top city, and as of now, this brand new arena seems like the perfect place to make that happen.

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“Freezer Bowl” and “Ice Bowl” are two nicknames given to the Super Bowl of 1967 as players struggle with ice in the arena, trying to get some traction, and a similar nickname might be given to the one that is going to be played on 2014 in case of extreme temperatures.

Prior to the decision of allowing New York to bid for the event, the NFL had a rule about temperatures, stating that for a city to bid, the average temperature had to be on an average of 50 degrees or it would had to count with a dome. They actually bent such rule in order to allow the game to be held at the Meadowlands.

According to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, this is a 1-time exception, but it might as well become into a “winter classic”, emulating what the NHL did at New Year’s Day a few years back, when they held an outdoor game which turned out so successful that it became into an annual thing.

And of course, both New York NFL teams would try to be one of the two teams that will be part of such Super Bowl.

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