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2010 FIFA World Cup opens with 1-1 Mexico, South Africa draw

The 2010 FIFA World Cup officially started with the 1-1 tie between Mexico and the host country of South Africa, with Siphiwe Tshabalala scoring the first goal at the innitial minutes of the second half, but their illusions of an outstanding start at the tournament was overshadowed by the goal from Barcelona’s defender Rafael Marquez at the end of the match.

The top man in the game was Giovani Dos Santos, as every play that could be considered as positive from the Mexicans involved him, and even though things didn’t went always as planned, the young player certainly shown some good signs of his brilliance and creativity. He is going to be key for Mexico’s success at the cup.

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It is certain that the 85 thousand South Africans whom were present at Soccer City, were expecting more from their team, but the truth is that in their first appearance at the cup, the team from the black continent didn’t convinced, as they lacked in both defense and offense, with the goal from Tshabalala being the only treat for goalkeeper Oscar Perez.

On the other hand, Mexico was the dominant force, leaded by Dos Santos, who was on fire, and Guillermo Franco, who played well but failed to score. A negative aspect attached to Mexico’s performance was the open spaces they left in both flanks of their area, as they had too many players in the front and were not very concerned with defending, which is why Tshabalala was able to score.

This clearly means that when Mexico gets to play against more threatening rivals, they will have a real problem in maintaining a balance between defending and attacking. They need to be more disciplined and avoid as many mistakes as possible in terms of marking.

Carlos Alberto Parreira is hoping that his team is going to improve in the following 2 games against Uruguay and France respectively, and much of their luck at Group A will have a lot to do with how well these teams do in their other matches as if they arrive to their match against South Africa all beat up by bad results, then the locals might be able to take an advantage due to their low spirits, but if that doesn’t happen, then I am pretty sure South Africa is going to be one of the teams that won’t make it to the second round of the tournament.

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