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$1 more in your pay per view bill to create MMA health plan

This might sound odd to you, but have you ever think about who covers the health expenses of UFC fighters whom are in retirement? Their bodies are certainly worn out by the time they stop fighting, and they will not be covered by the government until they reach the age of 65, when the plan known as Medicare starts to work.

What actually happens when that beat up soul does not possess medical insurance to treat his physical condition in the present time, and even worst, what happens if he needs surgery? And what actually occurs if such fighter is part of the biggest MMA organization, the UFC?

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Who is playing when the old timer legend becomes fragile due to the injuries suffered as a direct result of his participation in mixed martial arts? What happens to that beat up knees, back, hip and shoulders which start to wear down faster in these fighters than in non-combat athletes?

Can you tell who is paying for an expensive knee replacement surgery in a forty year old former MMA fighter who sees such medical as his only option?

Are you, as a fan, willing to pay an extra dollar per each pay per view MMA event in order to cover these surgeries? Well, this seems as a good solution, as it can create a yearly fund of around five to seven million dollars, which can be open for any fighter for needs to enter the operating room, and if it remains unused for a while, the fund will continue to grow.

The UFC is the biggest MMA organization out there, and as the rest of the promotions out there, including Bellator Fighting Championship and Strikeforce, follow on their lead, then the most logical thing would be to get the UFC to take the initiative so the rest would apply the same values to their own programs.

Remember, that it is just a dollar, and you probably won’t even notice it if your pay per view bill is slightly more expensive, which is why this is an outstanding plan that won’t hurt anybody’s pocket and can promote a proper medical coverage for those fighter whom leave it all in the octagon just to allow us to enjoy of a good time, watching some fights, and making us some money out of betting.

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