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With home court advantage, Lakers beat Jazz by 111-103

Los Angeles players are certainly taller than those of Utah, no doubt about it and that is something that is probably going to play against the Jazz in the semifinals. A clear proof came on Tuesday night at Staples Center, where the Lakers received Carlos Boozer and co. for game 1, as players like Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol were clearly dominant over the Jazz in a match won by Kobe Bryant’s team by 111-103.

The Lakers are now leading the series 2-0 thanks to their home court advantage, and will now fly to Utah to play the Jazz on games 3 and 4 at EnergySolutions Arena.

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Kobe finished with thirty points, while Gasol ended up the match with 22 and fifteen rebounds and Andrew Bynum with seventeen and 14 rebounds, and even Ron Artest managed to scored 16 for the current NBA defending champions, while for the Jazz, Paul Millsap was the biggest scorer with 26 (and eleven rebounds), while C.J. Miles contributed with 20.

Certainly, the Lakers were dominant over the Jazz, with Bynum and Gasol playing the boards outstandingly, and with a Lamar Odom that came from the bench to help the team with fifteen rebounds in a victory that has the Lakers two wins away from their 3rd straight appearance in the Western Conference finals, something that is quite possible when you consider statistics, as Los Angeles is 40-1 in the history of the franchise after winning the first 2 games of a 7-game series.

Utah got as close as 4 points by the final minutes of the match, but Kobe Bryant was superior and knew how to inject a little bit of excitement with some incredible plays for a Los Angeles team that appeared to be determined to utilize all of its advantages against Utah since minute one of the game until the very last few seconds of the match.

The Jazz decided to leave Andrei Kirilenko out of game two since he is still resenting a left calf injury, but he is probably going to be present for game 3, which might be a decisive factor for Utah’s aspirations of beating the NBA reigning champs since they need all the big men they can in the court in order to battle against players like Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and even Lamar Odom (a reserve that usually plays some minutes), three of the tallest, and most brilliant players in the league.

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