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Warriors are top 8 seed in NBA history, not the OKC Thunder

There is no doubt about the outstanding performance by the OKC Thunder against the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs, and such brilliant performance by Kevin Durant and his teammates is getting some sports critics to think about who is actually the best eight-seeded team in the history of the league.

The professional basketball team from Oklahoma City certainly inspired people to rank them as one of the greatest underdogs, but they were not able to make it to the second round of the postseason as they fell to Los Angeles 4-2, which is why it is clear that they cannot be considered as the top 8 seed.

Such position is actually for the Warriors, as they managed to sweep the Mavericks (always a top seeded team) in 2007, just a year after Dallas made it to the finals, with critics expecting them to return, which was not possible due to their early upset in the playoff career in the hands of Golden State.

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Another aspect to consider is the regular season series between the Thunder and the Lakers, and the one between Golden State and Dallas, as Oklahoma City was only able to win a game against Los Angeles, while the Warriors were dominant over the Mavericks.

OKC was also dominated by the Lakers in terms of individualities, as only Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were the players that became a headache for Los Angeles, while the rest of the Thunder starters fell short of capacity in front of more experienced Lakers players.

I will even put the 08’ Hawks a step above the Thunder as the top eight seed as such Atlanta team was capable of pushing their postseason series against the Celtics, a team that was considered the best one in the league at the time and whom made it to the finals to take the NBA championship in a best-of-seven series against the Lakers.

The motivation that came with the outstanding performance by the Hawks have certainly made a solid team of them, and has allowed them to make it to the postseason the following years, and well, maybe the Thunder can actually follow on Atlanta’s steps and be inspired for bigger things on the seasons to come.

OKC is actually a very young team, and they certainly did an outstanding job against the Lakers, but truly falls short when compared to Golden State or the Hawks, so, undeniably, the top eight seed in NBA history are the Warriors.

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