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Top free agents whom are still looking for a team part 2

In case you missed part one, this is our second post about the free agents whom are still waiting to be signed by any NFL team, and the reasons being their inflated contracts or how old they are, which are the factors that prevent teams from signing them on the draft stage as they are considered part of the “bargain” group of players who can be acquired by any given franchise in order to fill holes for a couple of years, let’s check the second group of players in the list.

Keith Bulluck: This is a player that has been the cornerstone of the defense for Tennessee for a good part of the past decade, and since he became a starter in 02’ he has played a total of 7 seasons in a row without actually missing any contest. Last season, however, he tore his anterior cruciate ligament, and the Titans decided not to renew his contract since they were concerned with his future health. A few teams are interested in his services, but some are taking a step back due to Bulluck’s asking price.

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Terrell Owens: This is the player most managers won’t even consider to mention, as he carries a bad reputation inside and outside the field, but when it comes to talent, his is undeniable. He is not getting younger at 36, but at such age, he managed to caught fifty five passes for 829 yards and 5 touchdowns last season with Buffalo, which is more impressive when you consider that he was playing for one of the worst teams in the NFL in terms of passing offenses, and one that did not counted with a qualified quarterback.

Adalius Thomas: He was released from New England last week, and immediately became of the top-profiled free agents in the market, even after 3 dissapointing seasons playing for the Patriots, he is the one the players on this list that is expected to be signed quick. The Dolphins and the Jets seem to be the teams that have shown the most interest in him as both are looking for decent linebackers, and Thomas can certainly become a perfect fit for any of their rosters.

Derrick Burgess: This is a player that is able to perform well as a defensive end or as an outside linebacker, which is the position he was playing with the Patriots last year. He was outstanding when playing for the Raiders but his performance has dropped since that period.

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