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Top free agents whom are still looking for a team part 1

It is clear that the NFL draft is when teams get the chance to choose amongst many talented draft picks and top free agents, which leave little space for veteran players who are also free agents and have inflated contracts, and who are most likely the ones to be left waiting for the phone to ring concerning any given deal from any given team.

Also, since this is an uncapped year, this means that teams are able to cut down contracts without any cap penalties, which has given a lot of franchises the opportunity to clear their rosters of unwanted players. And now, this is the time after the draft for teams to pursue those players which are considered stars but that are still unsigned, let’s check some of them:

Darren Sharper: It is strange when a player has his top season after fourteen years playing the game, but that is exactly what happened to Sharper in the 2009 season, as the 34 year old safety was able to record 9 interceptions and 71 tackles, leading the New Orleans defense to their 1st win at the Super Bowl. The Saints are letting him go because last season might have been pure luck for the veteran Sharper. He has certainly lost some speed in the past few years, but is still good material for a franchise in need of an experienced defenseman.

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Brian Westbrook: Injuries have plagued the career of this player for the past two seasons, but he is still in the middle of a tough mission: to prove that he is back to be a healthy player and one that can be considered as being amongst the top running backs in the league. He is certainly very quick, posses a lot of strength and is also quite elusive against the rival in the open field.

Westbrook has been in constant communications with the Rams, he took a trip to St. Louis for the physicals, and the team was apparently quite satisfied with the results of such tests, which is a good sign of him getting signed by this team, and if he does, then he will be playing as a reserve for Steven Jackson as that position as a non-starter will give him the chance of keep himself healthy for when he is needed the most.

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