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Tiger Woods withdraws PGA temporarily due to neck injury

Tiger Woods is just returning from the exile he imposed on himself due to the tumult he was experiencing in his private life as a consequence of his troubles with his wife, and psychologists would probably attach his current level (still good but not his best) to this, but now the 34 year old pro golfer is withdrawing from competing for a very different reason: a neck injury that has forced him to step away from the Player Championship, and according to Woods, it is uncertain when he’ll be making a return.

And without Tiger Woods at the PGA, it is certain that the tour is going to suffer when it comes to television ratings and the overall interest in the sport of golf, as even though there are quite a few respectable players out there, Tiger is simply outstanding, and probably the best player the game has seeing, which is a reason why PGA organizers are praying for a positive outcome concerning the magnetic resonance images Woods would be getting of his neck this week.

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Tiger said that the injury with on his neck is probably even worse than the leg problems he carried a couple of years ago, and which forced him to withdraw at the 2nd half of the 2008 golf season.

The admired golf player left the Players Championship in the 7th hole due to his neck injury, and according to him, he did not leave because of the intensity of the pain, but because he was not able to turn his head in a comfortable way, which was not allowing him to swing the golf club as he would like to.

Woods said that he first noticed the injury about 2 weeks before the beginning of the Masters, and that he treated it with some medications for inflammations and with some physical therapy. He also pointed out that such injury is in no way related to the accident he suffered on November 27, the day when the gossiping about his infidelities started. He said that the injury is more likely the result of arduous practice after he decided to return from the exile.

Whether Tiger Woods is going to back to his desired form is hard to know, what is certain is that there would not be a player like him for a long time.

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