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The NBA and the art of flopping

As the playoffs continue, one cannot avoid thinking about how much the league has changed since its early days, as the game has turned into some sort of battle for the most fouls applying the old art of the flop, as even though flopping has been synonym with basketball since the game has existed, they are becoming more and more regular.

Amongst the players whom have resorted to utilize the flop as a regular practice in their professional careers we can find Reggie Miller, Raja Bell, Manu Ginobili, Robert Horry, Vlade Divac and Dennis Rodman.

If you are not too familiarized with the term, flopping basically means to draw a foul by utilizing dramatic tactics such as faking a hit with the elbow of a rival, and everything on that line, and the aforementioned players are true specialists in deceiving officials with their cunning, and even though they are also very talented players, it is certainly awkward to see them applying such dirty methods.

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The question is: when they play, do they actually focus on their true basketball talents or do they focus on looking for the perfect opportunity to apply a flop? There is no right answer to this as most NBA players apply the flop once in a while, but there are some whom have made of the flop a true art.

And, if committing such false fouls wasn’t enough, some players also tend to go directly to the official and complain extensively if they do not get the foul call. Wow, to argue and discuss over something they clearly knew was acted, very, very mature.

These theatrics are often used both by offensive and defensive players alike, as one that is on the offense and is almost certain to have missed a shot, gets close to a rival to try to draw a foul in order to avoid losing the points, and when it comes to defend, a player might use these tactics when an opponent is close to score, so they go with a dramatic fall and prevent them to get the points.

Officials need to be more careful when it comes to call a foul, as they are mainly guilty of validating flops, and well, the real way to avoid flopping will be for players to practice actual basketball, instead of begging for foul points.

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