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The NBA and social networking: fines and controversy

These are the times of media and social networking, and everybody now has either a twitter account or a blog where they can write down how they feel in order to let the whole world knows about it. And it is no different for NBA players, officials or even team owners, and when it comes to their comments on the net, sometimes they can create some controversy, let’s check some of the individuals involved in the league whom have had some kind of problems because of their tweets and blog posts.

Mark Cuban: The owner of the Mavericks has been fined by the NBA in several occasions, one of them being the one when he decided to tweet about officials not calling a technical foul on JR Smith after a game between Dallas and the Nuggets. Such comments cost him 25 thousand dollars.

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Dwight Howard: Sure, the Magic made it against the Bobcats, but Superman Howard did not performed as expected during such best-of-seven series due to a large number of fouls called on him, which got his teammates to call him ‘Foul on You” Howard. And such fouls combined to increase his frustration, which he discharged on a blog post where he wrote how he talked with Patrick Ewing about officials calling an unusual amount of fouls on him, and for such post, he was fined with 35 thousand dollars.

Chris Bosh: According to the NBA, he made a clear mistake by asking fans on his twitter account about what he should next season, if staying with the Raptors or going to a different team. He asked because he is wondering if he should leave the team (and 17 million dollars) in order to become a free agent. No fine has been applied to him yet.

Charlie Villanueva: He didn’t got fined either, but his tweets sent at half time during a game between the Bucks and the Celtics last year, are probably the reason why nowadays it is prohibited for NBA players to sent twits in the middle of a game.

Jr Smith: This is a player that had to actually remove his twitter account since The Denver Post wrote a full article about him and his tweets, which he made using street slang associated to California’s Bloods gang.

Are any of these examples controversial enough for the NBA to be so rough on social media? You be the judge…

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