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The greatest quarterbacks in the history of NFL teams, Pt. 1

When we are in the middle of the NFL season, there is little time to do reviews on players or teams concerning their history, but since this is the offseason, it is the perfect moment to do so, and in this article, we are going to review some of the top quarterbacks for certain teams in the league.

Dan Marino / Dolphins: This is a QB that will always be brought in a discussion about the greatest of all time that never won a Super Bowl ring, but in despite of that, Marino managed to pass Fran Tarkenton as the leading passer in the league by the time he decided to call it quits, and when it comes to Miami, he will always remain as the quarterback with the best numbers in the history of the franchise. Even though he was not able to bring the Lombardi Trophy to Florida, he was able to bring a lot of offensive excitement and is certainly the most beloved player of the Dolphins ever.

Joe Namath / Jets: One thing is certain about Namath; he will always be the most appreciated and highly regarded player of the team. People that do not take the time to look for takes of him playing during the sixties and the seventies don’t really know what is not told in his stats.

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Sure, he threw more interceptions than touchdown passes, and he also lost more games than those he was able to win, but when it comes to the Jets in particular, he is certainly the best player in the history of this franchise (that would go for Brett Favre, but he cannot really be considered a Jets QB since he played here for just a short period of time).

The top achievement from Namath when playing with NY came in the Super Bowl of 1969, when he able to win a crucial game against the Baltimore Colts, which was the team that was highly favored to the underdog Jets.

The AFL, where the Jets used to play, was actually considered a joke, while the Colts were considered by many as the greatest franchise in the NFL, and Namath was able to beat them at Super Bowl III, which finished 16-7, in a game were Broadway Joe threw for over two hundred yards and zero interceptions, allowing the Jets to win their first and only Super Bowl in the history of the franchise.

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